"Gov. Chris Gregoire has benifitted from more than 0,000 in campaign contributions from American Indian tribes."

"Gregoire killed a gambling compact potentially worth more than 0 million a year to the state."

"It's a payoff," said University of Nevada-Las Vegas professor WilliamThompson, who has been studying tribal gambling since 1988. "She shouldn't take any campaign money, nor should her political party, and it smells too quid pro quo for my liking."

"Even some Democrats in the Legislature question the deal. 'Why would you give someone a monopoly without taking a cut?' asked Sen. Ken Jacobsen, D-Seattle.

[the dem state senator] "By the time anybody in the Legislature heard about it, it was a done deal," he said. "there are a lot of people, Democrats and Republicans, who were a little bit grumpy about that because, God, that's a lot of money we gave them without getting anything back."


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